Acrylic Photo Blocks - Australian Institute of Professional Photography


Why use Perspex (Acrylic) and NOT glass?

Perspex looks IDENTICAL to glass but is HALF the weight and 50 TIMES more impact resistant, meaning that if your block/panel were to be dropped (by a courier/postie) in transit or be accidentally knocked to the floor once displayed in your home it WOULD NOT shatter. Being HALF the weight of glass is a critical consideration: very rarely can a Gyprock wall bear the full weight of a glass panel without additional supports.

How we differ from other suppliers...

We print to METALLIC PHOTOGRAPHIC MEDIA only (with a printer loaded with museum-grade ie. 75 year archival inks). Almost ALL competition print to Vinyl (the same substance used for Car Bumper Stickers) with (at most) a 6 colour printer (ours has ELEVEN inks including three shades of black). What is the difference? How long does can a Car Bumper Sticker last? We also, in the panels range, ONLY work on 6mm Acrylic - 4.5mm WILL warp in the seven years of our experience working in this medium.

Why is the price for the Medium Format and Large Acrylic Photo BLOCKS so much higher?

Because we are working on 40mm thick material - we are the ONLY supplier capable of offering these low prices on such thick pieces of Perspex. With additional thickness comes increased Optical Illusion: the thicker the block the more 3D your image will appears to be because of the increased reflections, the thicker walls of the block offer - there is a HUGE difference between 20, 30 and 40mm acrylic - you can preview YOUR image by clicking on the 'mount my image' button on the home page.

Does Acrylic mounting cost more than regular framing?

With Acrylic Facemounting the cost you see on the site INCLUDES the printing wheras in the case of buying prints (or having an image printed) the cost of framing is often ignored - and very often it can be double the price of the original print itself. Because we do both the printing AND the 'framing' there are no 'hidden' costs that arise later.

wide format studio

Taking training from one of the formats earliest initiators, Clayton brought the blocks to Australia, setting up a studio dedicated exclusively to the new medium.

He says, "Daily we find satisfaction in the awesome shift that occurs whenever a new shot is mounted onto acrylic! We think you'll love the medium with your images just as much as we do with ours!"

We look forward to talking with you soon about the hidden wonders of the new medium.