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Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic Photo Blocks are the latest avenue in image presentation. They are free-standing pieces of acrylic (Perspex) mounted with 75 year-archival METALLIC photographic paper. The diamond polished walls of the block act as a mirror, reflecting the image mounted to its rear, seemingly creating a 3rd dimension.

Backlighting the acrylic block is an interesting novelty feature - giving a life and vitality to your image beyond what is printed! The photographic paper we use bears no manufacturers names or monograms on the rear (which would detract from the backlit effect).

Its important to note that from the Intermediate sized block upwards, a sheet of 1mm white styrene covers the rear of your image offering protection from accidental damage. Although all blocks are sent with an advice card detailing best practice in caring for acrylics, a consideration to be borne in mind is that the small and medium sized acrylics do not have the Styrene addition.

Besides looking brilliant Acrylic Photo Blocks have additional features - they benefit greatly from backlight and can also be hung.

Relative block sizes Relative block thickness