Acrylic Photo Blocks - Australian Institute of Professional Photography


Acrylic Photo Blocks

Description Size mm (length x width x thickness) Price
Small90mm x 90mm x 20mm$ 25 each
Medium175mm x 115mm x 20mm$ 34.00 each
Intermediate230mm x 150mm x 20mm$ 70.00 each
Medium Format250mm x 200mm x 40mm$ 115 each
Large300mm x 200mm x 40mm$ 135.00 each

Acrylic Photo Panels

Description Size mm (length x width x thickness) Price
Small Wall Panel375mm x 250mm x 6mm$ 110.00 each
Square Wall Panel500mm x 500mm x 6mm$ 195.00 each
Large Wall Panel750mm x 500mm x 6mm$ 255.00 each
Intermediate Wall Panel900mm x 600mm x 6mm$ 330 each
Panoramic Wall Panel1270mm x 500mm x 6mm$ 500 each
Extra Large Wall Panel1500mm x 1000mm x 6mm$ 770 each

Glass Splashbacks

Price per sqm $770 (minimum 1sqm charge)

"All prices include GST and exclude Postage & Packing."